23 Aug 2021
ColorHosting BaseZap

Check server load average history

This is a guide to know on how to check your current and past server load (cpu load) for debugging purpose. System Activity Reporter (SAR) is an important tool which is used by the system admins for this in order to find out server load along with status of various metrics at different interval of […]

08 Jul 2021
ColorHosting BaseZap

WP-CLI support to all users on server

To add support of the fantastic tool wp-cli for all the users on the server, be it cyberpanel or cPanel or some other webhost panel you are using, you can use the following solution : Single Line code : wget -O /usr/local/bin/wp; chmod +x /usr/local/bin/wp; touch /etc/profile.d/; echo ‘PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin’ >> /etc/profile.d/; Step by step […]

03 Jul 2021
ColorHosting BaseZap

WordPress Redirect Vulnerability in Feedify

This is notify to all users who are using Feedify for their push notification service that their website is infected. Feedify is hacked ! Feedify’s one of the CDN url is infected and has a redirect code to a website (this might be a false/scam website, be cautious) Proof – Affected URL – All […]

12 May 2021
ColorHosting Deepak

Create LVM using Striping I/O for more IOPS performance

LVM is a tool first introduced in Fedora Linux for Logical Volume Management which allows useful feature likes allocating disks, striping, mirroring and resizing logical volumes. LVM reduces the tedious work of manual disk management on the servers and Linux systems. This guide will explain how we can create LVM using Striping I/O for more […]

03 May 2021
ColorHosting Deepak

[SOLVED]FTP Error 421: Too many connections from this IP

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, it is used to transfer files from the host to the client computer or in better words we can say FTP is used to transfer files from a server to a local machine or vice-versa. In web hosting FTP plays a big role, we can update the website files […]

21 Apr 2021
ColorHosting Deepak

Configure Redis on WordPress Website

Redis is a fast, open-source key-value data store for use as a database. It reduces the response time of queries hence increasing the speeds of the website. It is a popular choice to reduce the page loading time. In this guide, we are going to configure Redis on WordPress. Requirements to Configure Redis on WordPress […]

05 Apr 2021
ColorHosting Deepak

Change Permalinks in WordPress Website

Permalinks also called Permanent links are an important part of your website. These URLs are used by visitors and search engines to index your website.  For example, the permalink of this blog post is In this guide, we are going to show the method to change the permalinks in WordPress of the example domain […]

21 Mar 2021
ColorHosting Deepak

Learn about DOM elements

The Document Object Model (DOM) connects web pages to scripts or programming languages by representing the structure of a document—such as the HTML representing a web page—in memory. Usually, it refers to JavaScript, even though modelling HTML, SVG, or XML documents as objects are not part of the core JavaScript language. In this guide, we are going […]

13 Mar 2021
ColorHosting Deepak

Setup Dropbox custom destination in cPanel Server

The cPanel backup system provides lots of backup options we can create custom backup transports as well. In a custom backup destination, we can move backups to a remote server of our choice. In this guide, we are going to set up Dropbox custom destination in the cPanel server. Requirements to Setup Dropbox as a […]

05 Mar 2021
ColorHosting Deepak

Remove redirection to cPanel Access URL from domain

There are various methods to reach your cPanel login page such as,, etc. Anyone can always reach your cPanel Login page via these methods. In the following guide, we are going to remove the redirection to the cPanel access URL  – in order to stop others to visit your cPanel login page. […]


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