Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement ("SLA") works towards putting forth the service levels provided by BaseZap under the Services Agreement between the Customer and BaseZap for the services rendered.


The following definitions shall apply to the BaseZap SLA.

  • "Service" means your dedicated or virtual private server or shared hosting service hosted by BaseZap and excludes any 3rd party dependant resource and test (trial) servers provided for free.
  • "Customer" means a person having one or more active Service with BaseZap.
  • "Uptime" signifies the calculated percentage of hours in a month during which the Services are certainly accessible for use to the Customer.
  • "Downtime" is the sum of hours in a month during which any Services offered by BaseZap according to the executed Sales Order was not accessible for use by the client. Downtime is calculated using ping tests, web server tests or TCP port tests. Downtime excludes any loss of performance or downtime caused by events that could not be apprehended by BaseZap : (i) that resulted from Customer's misuse of the Service; (ii) that occurred with Customer's consent (for instance, in the scope of an hardware upgrade) or (iii) caused by factors outside of BaseZap reasonable control.
  • "Scheduled Downtime" means Downtime occurring at a specific moment, when the Customer has been notified at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the Downtime. These Scheduled Downtime periods normally occur to perform vital maintenance work on servers and network equipment. There cannot be more than twelve (12) hours of Scheduled Downtime per calendar year.
  • "Emergency Maintenance(EM)" refers to the maintenance activity performed under a condition which presents peril to the framework, hardware, facilities required for rendering the Service, threat to life and so on by and large must be attended to. BaseZap will attempt to inform the Customer about the crisis upkeep ahead of time, however on the basis of demands of the circumstance; BaseZap may do as such at the most punctual open door after attending to the emergency.
  • "Service Credit" means credits issued towards Customer's BaseZap’s account. These credits are automatically applied when new invoices are generated and cannot be converted to monetary compensation. Service Credits must be explicitly requested by the Customer.
  • "Force Majeure Event" incorporates fire, tremor, flood, war, riots, act of God, and acts/reasons which are outside the control of any party and can't be anticipated.

SLA Remedy

On the off chance that the Uptime during the month viable is under 99.95 %, this will prompt SLA violation and BaseZap will give refunds to Customer as set over here monthly repeating charges for the influenced Service.

We reach 99.95% or better network and power uptime in all our locations. As a testament to our excellent service, we offer to refund (in form of Service Credits) any calendar day worth of the Service' cost. The amount of credit or service period refunded is as below stated:

  • 99.95% or higher prominent No Service Extension
  • 99% to 99.95% Services Credit/Extension worth 10%
  • 98% to 99% Services Credit/Extension worth 20%
  • Less than 90% Services Credit worth 100%

Any downtime should be accounted for to BaseZap through email, which is open 24 hours, 7 days per week. The Customer must give the vital data and cooperate fully with BaseZap to empower BaseZap to narrow down the main cause of service problems. The time of any Fault and timespan of estimation of credit starts from the time the Support Ticket is logged by the BaseZap support alias until the time that BaseZap tells the Customer that the Fault has been looked after.

After opening of support request, BaseZap will carry out a research on the given downtime and will put in use industry standard efforts to amend and bring back the services to prior levels of efficiency

Refunds only apply to a Fault of which BaseZap support team has required information and cannot exceed the amount received by BaseZap from customer during the current month only.

SLA Exclusions

BaseZap will not be liable for any downtime to the degree that such downtime result from any of the bellow mentioned reasons,

  • The Services being changed or modified in any capacity at the Customer's demand.
  • Any interruptions coming about because of incompetence of the Customer’s software program or any outsider service provided or worked by or on behalf of Customer;.
  • Inadequate, off base data given by the Customer to BaseZap.
  • DNS issue outside the immediate control of BaseZap.
  • Scheduled or Emergency Maintenance time.
  • Any maltreatment or misrepresentation or inability to follow the BaseZap "Terms and Conditions" with respect to Customer and its end-client.
  • Any Force Majure occasion as mentioned in this SLA.


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