High Frequency Dedicated Cloud

High frequency super fast servers upto 4.2 Ghz

Fully Managed High Frequency Dedicated Cloud

3.8 Ghz High Frequency
16 GB DDR4 256 GB NVMe SSD 10 TB $ 350/month
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3.8 Ghz High Frequency
32 GB DDR4 512 GB NVMe SSD 30 TB $ 450/month
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Fully Managed Dedicated Server

Intel i3-2130
3.4 Ghz
8 GB DDR3 1024 GB SATA HDD Unmetered $ 90.00/month
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Intel i5
2.8 Ghz
16 GB DDR3 2TB SATA HDD Unmetered $ 110/month
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Xeon E3 1225v2
3.4 Ghz
32 GB DDR3 3x 120GB SSD 100 TB $ 130/month
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Xeon E3 1225v2
3.4 Ghz
32 GB DDR3 2x 2TB SATA HDD 100 TB $ 130/month
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Xeon E5 1620v2
3.6 Ghz
32 GB DDR3 2 x 2 TB SATA HDD 100 TB $ 165/month
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Couldn’t find your required server or not sure exactly what you need ?
No problem, our experts are here to help you.

Included in all plans

Free setup and installation

All the server comes with free setup and highly optimised installation as per the customer web application.

cPanel/ WHM license included

cPanel is a world leading hosting panel and we are proud to be official channel partner of them. The license fee is included with all the plans upto a account limits.

Exceptional Expert Support

We have some highly skilled trained support executives who will trace out if any core issues with your web application that is creating a problem for you to look into. You will be getting upgraded support with a maximum 1 hour turn around time.

Firewall installation

All the servers come along with initial security hardening and firewall installation. Our team can deploy custom rules if needed by the customer.

100% Free migrations
from any host

Looking to move to basezap.com from your old provider? We will handle the complete migration for all the websites needed at 0 cost.

Free add-ons for all plans

Cloudflare Railgun

Ensures the connection between your origin server and Cloudflare network is as fast as possible.


Open source, in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker.

Daily Remote Backups

For increased security and to recover from any disaster. Last 7 days backup retention on remote servers.


What is Dedicated Server?
Dedicated hosting is a website hosting environment that provides the highest level of resource allocation, privacy, and control. Dedicated servers are completely isolated from one another, so users get full access to configure their server anyway they want without affecting another user or being affected by the actions of other users i.e no noisy neighbours.
Do I need any technical knowledge to use dedicated server ?
These all are fully managed dedicated server plans i.e all the server management is handled by our expert team. You no need to have any server technical knowledge in order to use this.
Will you provide root access of the server ?
Ideally, you shouldn’t be needing the root access of the server. However, in any case you wish to receive the root access, our team person will be providing you with the same.
Can I upgrade/downgrade the server ?
Yes, you can do that. The servers can be upgrade/downgraded instantly for the cloud dedicated server series , for other servers, we would need to resetup the new server and hence there won’t be any pro-rata billing.
How much time it takes for server setup and delivery ?
Servers are delivered within 3-4 hours after initial hardware check and basic setup. The migration may take time depending upon the size of migration task and source server.
Do you have any other servers apart from the listed ones?
Yes, we do have more server configurations, you can contact us with your requirement and we will be glad to provide you with needed options.
Do you provide Free SSL certificate ?
Yes, all servers are equipped with Free SSL certificate for all the domains added in them.
How many websites can I host on a Dedicated Server?
There is no such limit. However, we recommend you to host a certain number of domains in a way that you don’t exhaust all the resources of the server.
What is difference between SATA HDD and SSD disk ?
Both are different type of hard disk with NVMe, SSD being faster in I/O process then HDD. You may read detailed difference here : https://www.basezap.com/ssd-vs-sata/

See why our customers love using BaseZap

We care what our customers think of us and so should you. We are partners in your business and your success is ours.

Prabhu Kiran

No exaggeration at all

No exaggeration at all, as it is true so I am writing this review. The support team is always at your finger tips, I would give them 100% satisfaction guarantee award. Thanks.

Soham Lad

I think BaseZap is the best

I think BaseZap is the best. It is reliable, cheap & support is also good thanks BaseZap

Lakshmi Narayanan G

Customer support is what sets Basezap

Customer support is what sets Basezap apart from their competitors - From the Support team to the CEO every single person is eager to help their customers and they are almost always available. Loving the platform !

Mayuresh Golatkar

I use Basezap for hosting my sites

I use Basezap for hosting my sites. I have 5 websites running on my account, 2 blogs and 3 e-commerce sites which run very smoothly so far and most of them have decent amount of traffic. Basezap provides best hosting service.

Jayesh Agarwal

The best reliable company

The best reliable company, i have been hosting sites with other companies too but the service provided by BaseZap is extremely awesome as they are available 24*7 plus they resolve any queries without consuming much time.

Abhishek Lathura

My 2 years of experience with BaseZap

My 2 years of experience with BaseZap says that it beats all other hosting companies in all aspects. The services that I am using from BaseZap are excellent. No other hosting company can match with BaseZap. Best part of BaseZap is their instant support that is available 24*7 and you get reply for your query in few minutes time. I recommend BaseZap to all those who ask for hosting company. "Go for BaseZap"

Surya Subhash

BaseZap is one such company which maintains

BaseZap is one such company which maintains it's class apart when it comes to service. Call them in the night at 12:00 and you're problem will be fixed by 12:10. I vouch for their commitment and admire their service. Great job guys!

‎Anurag Srivastava

Great Hosting Service I have ever seen .

Great Hosting Service I have ever seen. Cheap and Best :D :) #secured #faster #best ;) :) Best part is Basezap support :) 24*7 :) Keep it up :)