About us

Committed to provide best-in-class performance and reliability for your websites paired with exceptionally amazing support.

Who We AreA team of hosting professionals, who cares for you!

BaseZap was built with one focus in mind, to make sure that websites hosted with us are never behind anything or anyone, and as a result we always use the latest edge technologies such as HTTP/3, smart-caching, custom-tailored stacks paired with regular backups, free migrations and all this with a promise of exceptionally amazing support.

  • Started in 2014, now we host more than 100,000 websites.
  • Our team is built with people who are passionate about solving problems.
  • More than 95% of our customers have never left BaseZap. Join us, and feel the difference :)

Performance Centric

Performance is a major deal for your websites, in addition to Google having it as a ranking factor, we've always understood that it is one of the most important psychological factor for a website aswell. As a result, everything we build is for fastest, cutting-edge performance.

Smiles Matter :)

We always believe that business is about ethics and understanding on how can we put a smile to our customers face. We constantly re-invest our profits to make the best hosting company possible while making sure your websites never fall-behind your competitors.

Exceptionally Amazing Support

Support should be amazing, personalized and easy to obtain, our never-outsourced support teams make sure we get just that for you, 24x7. We also constantly improve everything based on your feedback and if we make a mistake, we'll be honest to admit and make it right for you.

Our Acquisitons

On our way to build the most customer-centric hosting company, we added a
few people to our journey :)

We are delighted to inform we have completed our 2nd acquisition by acquiring VisualCloudX & successfully porting all the customers on BaseZap's infrastructure.

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It was indeed a YAY! moment for all of us with our first ever aquisiton and strived to share the same joy with our onboarded customers.

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How BaseZap is different

Specialized Hosting stack built with Experience and Love

All BaseZap Servers, right from our Shared Hosting are built with exceptional experience of our technical team to fine-tune everything to ensure that we are only giving you the best, and nothing short of that. No default settings, and guaranteed full utilization of what you pay for.

Our servers utilize only the best-grade hardware, and we always spend on whatever is needed for best reliability and performance of websites hosted with us. We carefully craft each project and never cut corners.


The Dream-Team

We believe in great people, great technology, in that order. A company is always built with the people who work in it. Constant Improvisation is a major deal for our team.

Our Team is a collection of passionate technologists who are highly self-motivated and autonomously excellent at what they do. When so many great minds come together, nothing seems short :)


Our focus on Customer-Centricity

Quality Support is a right, and we always stand behind that thought. That is why we are constantly trying to bring smile to your faces.

Our amazing customer support team is easy to access and is available when you need it. Our constant focus on providing you the best for what you pay, and also to always lookout for our clients.

Have a question or feedback? Drop us an email at support@basezap.com


Already with us

Reviews by long-term BaseZap users

Prabhu Kiran

No exaggeration at all, as it is true so I am writing this review. The support team is always at your finger tips, I would give them 100% satisfaction guarantee award. Thanks.


Soham Lad

I think BaseZap is the best. It is reliable, cheap & support is also good thanks BaseZap

Lakshmi Narayanan G

Customer support is what sets Basezap apart from their competitors - From the Support team to the CEO every single person is eager to help their customers and they are almost always available. Loving the platform !


Mayuresh Golatkar

I use Basezap for hosting my sites. I have 5 websites running on my account, 2 blogs and 3 e-commerce sites which run very smoothly so far and most of them have decent amount of traffic. Basezap provides best hosting service.


Jayesh Agarwal

The best reliable company, i have been hosting sites with other companies too but the service provided by BaseZap is extremely awesome as they are available 24*7 plus they resolve any queries without consuming much time.


Abhishek Lathura

My 2 years of experience with BaseZap says that it beats all other hosting companies in all aspects. The services that I am using from BaseZap are excellent. No other hosting company can match with BaseZap. Best part of BaseZap is their instant support that is available 24*7 and you get reply for your query in few minutes time. I recommend BaseZap to all those who ask for hosting company. "Go for BaseZap"


Surya Subhash

BaseZap is one such company which maintains it's class apart when it comes to service. Call them in the night at 12:00 and you're problem will be fixed by 12:10. I vouch for their commitment and admire their service. Great job guys!


‎Anurag Srivastava

Great Hosting Service I have ever seen. Cheap and Best :D :) #secured #faster #best ;) :) Best part is Basezap support :) 24*7 :) Keep it up :)

Ashwini K A

Using Basezap since past 3-4 years and their service has been absolutely delightful! Hardly faced and outages or server issues. Their customer service is above par! Their turn around time is amazing and they will help in every aspect! Completely satisfied and will continue the patronage!


Mohit Khurana

Recommended Hosting company, High speed servers, Good Data Backup Policy, even better support team ready to help you with anything and everything.


Mrityunjai Sharma

It’s been over 2 years I’m using basezap hosting and im very satisfied with the support team. These guys are highly experienced and skilled. They always respond to the support tickets instantly and fix the issues within no time. Highly recommended!



Our team is available and on-site 24/7 ready to help you.