[SOLVED] cPanel License Update Failed

Category : cPanel/WHM

Purchased cPanel License and are unable to update the License on your VPS or Dedicated Server? License update could be failing due to improper Server Configuration like hostname of the server is not following FQDN i.e. Fully qualified domain name. The FQDN consists of two parts: the hostname and the domain name. For example, an FQDN for a hypothetical mail server might bemymail.example.com. Similarly, an FQDN for the hostname of a server might server.example.com

Check Server Hostname

  1. Login to root account of the server over SSH.
  2. Run command hostname for checking your server’s current hostname.
    hostname check command
  3. If your current hostname is not a valid FQDN then kindly proceed with the next section of the guide.

Change Server Hostname to a valid FQDN

  1. Login to root account of the server over SSH.
  2. Run the following command for changing your server’s hostname.
    hostname your_FQDN
    Value for your_FQDN should be a valid FQDN.
    Note: Server hostname cannot be domain.com or domain

Now you can try updating the cPanel license using the following command in the SSH.
This should be successful if the problem was invalid FQDN used in the server hostname. If your issue is not resolved then drop us an email at technical@basezap.com so that we can check it for you.