08 Mar 2018
ColorHosting Deepak Sharma

Guide for Installing Pure-FTPd and Creating Virtual Users

Hey Zappers, Bored of managing files over WebUI and want some change? So, we have a good choice for a change. We will show how you can install FTP Server on your VPS or Dedicated Machine using Pure-FTPd tool. We will also show you how you can create Virtual Users for FTP Service that can […]

26 Feb 2018
ColorHosting Deepak Sharma

Guide for changing TimeZone of WHM/cPanel Server

Hello, Today we will show you the Guide for changing TimeZone of Server using cPanel / WHM. The steps are very simple to follow, we will include screenshots as well for demonstration. Requirements WHM / cPanel installed on Server with its credentials. Root SSH Access to MySQL Server Procedure Change TimeZone in WHM This will […]

24 Feb 2018
ColorHosting Deepak Sharma

Guide to Backup and Restore Redis Database and Automate

Hello, Today we will show how we can backup and restore Redis database and we will also show how we can automate the process of taking backup. Cronjob will be created for automation of the backup of the database on the machine locally. Requirements Redis-CLI installed on Linux Machine Redis Server Running Root Access to […]

24 Feb 2018
ColorHosting zapbase

How to find actual free RAM available in your Linux system

1. The following command will help you get the details of total ram, ram usage, free available ram. free -m Output: % free total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 2061712 490924 1570788 0 60984 220236 -/+ buffers/cache: 209704 1852008 Swap: 587768 0 587768 The main point to note here is that the “used” memory […]

24 Feb 2018
ColorHosting Deepak Sharma

Guide for Memory Allocation for Redis in CentOS | BaseZap

Hello, In the last guide, we showed how we can install Redis on CentOS. In case you have missed it then follow here. Today we will show you how memory allocation on Redis is done in CentOS so that it can store the progress as per the work is done on it. Redis Server on […]

24 Feb 2018
ColorHosting Deepak Sharma

[solved] Call to undefined function mb_strlen() error | WHM

The function mb_strlen() is not enabled by default in PHP.  So, in order to make it work let’s enable it. We will fix “undefined function mb_strlen()” by installing phpXX-php-mbstring (XX here is PHP version) via WHM Requirements WHM/cPanel on Server and its WHM Credentials Procedure Login to WHM and open main page of WHM where it shows various Sections […]

23 Feb 2018
ColorHosting Deepak Sharma

How to enable Redis Database Backup in Memory using BGSAVE and SAVE

Hello, Today we will guide you how to enable Redis Database Backup in Memory. There is a possibility that redis-server might crash or memory problems and the user can lose the data that he is working. To overcome this issue Redis Developer added BGSAVE option or can be said as a feature which can be […]

20 Feb 2018
ColorHosting Deepak Sharma

Install Redis with auto restart on CentOS 6, 7

Today we will share a guide to install Redis on CentOS Machine (incl. cPanel based server) . This guide is compatible with both CentOS 6 and 7 and provides solution of automatic start of redis service on server reboot/start. We will install it for the user only not for root but we have covered for […]

17 Feb 2018
ColorHosting basezap

Make MySQL Faster by Killing Sleep Connections Automatically

Here’s a Bash script to kill sleeping MySQL connections automatically and almost immediately to decrease MySQL CPU Usage and make MySQL Faster. This tutorial works only if you have a server with root access, and you’re logged in as root. This script uses about 0.25% on a normal VPS with 1vCPU of the CPU with […]

11 Feb 2018
ColorHosting Deepak Sharma

Backup Restoration Process for Shared Hosting Users

Hello, Accidentally deleted your files? Or do you want to roll back to an earlier date instance? No Worries, we got you covered by our free daily remote backups facility provided to all Shared hosting users. Following are the steps to restore your account data from a previously selected date. Login to your cPanel Account. […]