Install Redis PHP Extention using PECL on WHM Server

Category : Redis

Integrating Redis to your website hosted on cPanel Server? Redis instances need Redis PHP extension to interact with the website database. Today we will show some simple steps to install Redis PHP Extention using PECL on WHM Server.


  • Root Login for WHM Server


  1. Login to the WHM using the root account.
  2. Search for ‘Module Installers’ in the search box and open it.
    module installers
  3. On the following screen select ‘PHP PECL’ option.
    php pecl
  4. The new screen will show the search box along with the current PHP version. Select the PHP version in which you want to install Redis PHP Extension and tap the Go button.
    select php and search
  5. In the next menu tap on install option which will take a few minutes to complete.
    install redis php extension

With this, we finished installation of Redis PHP Extension.