How to Open a Support Ticket ?

Category : General

There may be times, when you need us to help you regarding your product and services. You can create a support ticket with us and our Staff will surely do our best to get  smile on your faces.

To Open a New Support Ticket, Follow this procedure –

Step 1 – Head to the following Link –

Step 2(Optional)- If you’re not logged in, please enter your Email-ID and Password.

Step 3 – Find the Open New Ticket Link or Head Over to

Step 4 – Choose your department from the Departments Listed.(Technical/Sales/Abuse)

Step 5- 
New Ticket Form

# Enter Your Subject
# Choose your Related Service(You may select None if you are unsure)
# Choose Priority for the Ticket(Always Choosing High won’t help)

Step 6 – Click on the Submit Button.

You should now receive your email along with your Ticket ID, which you can keep for future reference.
Now, All you have to do is Sit and Relax Back, People Over here will solve your ticket even before you blink.


Alternatively, Our Registered Clients can mail us at technical[at], for any Technical query.