Why Users on BaseZap don’t need to worry about Backups

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Why Users on BaseZap don’t need to worry about Backups?

  • All Managed Services on BaseZap include free Daily Backups to our Remote Backup Server.
  • Backups are stored on Remote Backup Server with minimum 7 Days Retention. Backups older than 7 days depends on the subject of availability on the Remote Server.
  • Users can request past Backups with Date by opening a Support Ticket.
    How to Open a Support Ticket?
  • Shared Hosting users can Restore and Download Backup from cPanel
    Backup Restoration Process for Shared Hosting Users
  • The user can request Support team to save a particular date backup as a Snapshot for 7 Days on Remote Backup Server without any extra cost.

Which Specific Services include Daily Backups?

  • Shared SSD Hosting
  • Managed SATA VPS
  • Managed SSD VPS
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Managed Dedicated Servers
  • Managed E7 Cloud Dedicated Servers

*Some plans might attract charges for deploying daily backup service.

Which Specific Service do not include Daily Backups?

  • Unmanaged SATA VPS
  • Unmanaged SSD VPS

Note: Daily Backups Add-on is available for above listed unmanaged services. Drop us an email at technical@basezap or open a support ticket.
How to Open a Support Ticket?

Do Users need to set up any kind of Backups for their Data?

We will suggest the users with Managed Services as listed above don’t require any kind of Backup Configurations for their Data using any Plugins or Scripts. This will save your allocated resources like CPU Units, RAM and Disk Space as they will be used on backup creation with your configurations which will eventually reduce the available sources for your websites.

You don’t need to worry about Backups because we got your Back Zappers! 😉