Register/Refresh Imunify360 Licence using CLI

Category : General

Purchased Imunify License and want to update the same on your server? Want to check if Imunify360 server license is valid on your server?

Simple CLI commands will come handy in such scenarios which we will discuss below.

Register using Activation Key

The following command will register and activate Imunify360 with the provided activation key:

imunify360-agent register <activation key here>

Register IP-based License.

If you have an IP-based license, you can use IPL argument to register and activate Imunify360:

imunify360-agent register IPL

Check License status

Allows checking if Imunify360 server license is valid.


imunify360-agent rstatus [--optional arguments]

Optional arguments:

-h, --help: Show this help message.
-json: Return data in JSON format.
--verbose, -v: Allows returning data in good-looking view if option –json is used.