How to check your email score sent

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Electronic mail (email or e-mail) is a method of exchanging messages between people using electronic devices. However, it is not pleasant when your business mail goes to the Spam folder of the customer. In this guide, we are going to check our email score by which we can ensure that our mail goes to the customer.

Requirements :

  • Access to the hosting account of your email address

Steps to follow to check your email score :

  1. Visit Mail-tester this is the tool that we are going to use to test our email score.
  2. Copy the email address given on the website.
    Note: The email address on the above website can be different every time you visit.
  3. Login to your email account, send a mail to the email address you copied in step 2.
    Subject: Test mail
    Content: This is a test mail.
  4. Head back to the mail tester and click on the button “Then check your score”.

    email score
  5. The website will take a few seconds and come up with a score. Here is our score.

  6. The detailed score is there on the same page. It can be used to identify problems with the mail.

    detailed score

If your score is lower then you might face the problem of emails going to the spam folder. You can check the following guide to improve your score and ensure the proper delivery of your mail.

Guide to remove SPAM tag from your sent E-Mails