Guide to remove SPAM tag from your sent E-Mails

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Fed up with your sent emails getting delivered to the spam folder?  Now its time for your emails to see the light of Inbox. Today we will guide you making some important configurations and tips which might be missing from your domain DNS Records and Mail Server.


  • Domain Registrar Credentials
  • Mail Server Access


  1. Test your SPAM Score using any Free tool. We suggest Mail-Tester
    Note-Mail Tester free plan provides 3 tests for free.
  2. Test Results will show missing parameters/configurations like SPF Record, DKIM Signature, DMARC, etc.
  3. Login to Domain Registrar or where you are managing DNS Records for your Domain.
  4. Missing SPF will show you something like below to add in TXT Record with

    Name = domain.tld
    Text = v=spf1 a mx ~all

    Note – is IP Address of your Mail Server.
    You can yourself generate SPF using following generator as per your requirements here for your domain.

  5. Missing MX Records can be added using following parameters

    Name = domain.tld
    Priority = 0
    Destinations  =  IP or hostname of your mail server.

  6. Missing DMARC Records can be added as asked by Mail-Tester or generate them here for your domain.
    Create a TXT Record

    Name – _dmarc.domain.tld
    Text – “v=DMARC1; p=none; sp=none; rf=afrf; pct=100; ri=86400”

    Note – Text Filed values can be different as per your requirements.

  7. Missing DKIM or Domain Keys can be generated here for your domain. Adding DKM is little tricky.
    Firstly we need to create a TXT Record as per asked in the generator above and then the private key that is shown on the same page needs to be imported to your mail server for Key Authentication.
    Import private key using SSH to your mail server.
    When private key and public key in TXT record matches then the authentication is flagged as a success.
  8. Save all the configurations and cross check all the fields.
  9. Now again send one test email to Mail-Tester and check your score will improve and you could be lucky to achieve results like pics below.