[Solved] Meta tags of Yoast SEO plugin not appearing in pages view source

Category : General

If your WordPress blog pages aren’t picking up the Meta tags of Yoast SEO plugin (which can be checked from the source code of the page, you should notice meta tags in the head section of HTML) in your customized theme or design, here is the solution for it :

  1. Locate header.php in your “Active theme” folder. Let’s suppose theme name is “basezap”, then you will find the file at : public_html/wp-contents/themes/basezap/header.php
  2. In the header.php, you will notice <head> tag. Make sure you haven’t declared any static og or meta tags in them.
  3. Include the following code just before closing of head tag i.e </head> in your header.php

    <?php wp_head();?>

Now you should be getting the meta tags on all of your pages as set from the plugin settings.
In case you still are unable to get the meta , og tags in the source code, then do check for errors in your error_log files placed at root directory of wordpress site installation.

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If you are not getting the option of Yoast SEO settings in the wp-admin post page, then make sure it is enabled.

Following points will help you in enabling the same :

1. Log in to your WordPress website from wp-admin . When you’re logged in, you will be in your ‘Dashboard’.

2. Go to the edit screen where the meta box is missing.

3. Click on ‘Screen Options’ in the upper right corner.

4. Check ‘Yoast SEO’ in the meta box.