Securing WordPress Admin with WPS Hide & Limit Plugin

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Securing your WordPress admin area is crucial to protect your website from unauthorized access and threats. Two powerful plugins, WPS Hide, and WPS Limit Login, offer robust solutions for enhanced security. This blog explains why these plugins are essential and provides a step-by-step setup guide.

Why You Need WPS Hide and WPS Limit Login

WPS Hide Login: Hackers know the default WordPress login URL ( or Changing this URL reduces the risk of brute-force attacks and unauthorized access. It allows you to customize your login URL, making it harder for attackers to locate and target your login page.

WPS Limit Login: Even with a hidden login page, persistent attackers may try to guess your credentials. WPS Limit Login prevents these attacks by limiting the number of login attempts from a single IP address. After several failed attempts, the plugin temporarily locks out the IP, further enhancing your site’s security.

For even greater security, consider using multiple layers of protection. Check out our blog on Protecting WordPress Dashboard for more information.

Setting Up WPS Hide Login

  1. Install and Activate WPS Hide Login:
    • First, log in to your WordPress dashboard.
      • First, open your website on your browser
      • Then add wp-admin as a slug to your website name
      • For eg
      • Enter your login credentials
      • Next, go to Plugins > Add New.
    • Then, in the search bar, type “WPS Hide Login” and click Install Now on the appropriate result.
    • Finally, click Activate once installed.
  2. Configure WPS Hide Login:
    • After activation, navigate to Settings > General.
    • Scroll down to the WPS Hide Login section.
    • Enter your desired new login URL in the Login URL field. For example, you can use something unique like Treat it like a soft password as it will act as a security measure to protect your website WordPress login page.
    • Save the changes. Your login page URL has now changed.

Setting Up WPS Limit Login

  1. Install and Activate WPS Limit Login:
    • First, go to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard.
    • Then, search for “WPS Limit Login” and click Install Now.
    • Finally, click Activate once the installation is complete.
  2. Configure WPS Limit Login:
    • After activation, navigate to Settings > WPS Limit Login.
    • Customize the settings to suit your needs:
      • Allowed Retries: Set the number of login attempts allowed before lockout. A common setting is 3-5 attempts.
      • Lockout Duration: Specify how long the IP address will be locked out after exceeding the allowed retries. Typically, 20-30 minutes is effective.
      • Max Lockouts: Set the number of lockouts before the IP is locked out for a longer period. For example, after 3 lockouts, the IP could be banned for 24 hours.
    • Save the settings to apply these configurations.


Combining WPS Hide Login and WPS Limit Login boosts your WordPress admin security. WPS Hide Login hides your login page, while WPS Limit Login stops brute force attacks by limiting attempts. Together, these plugins provide strong protection against unauthorized access and threats. Securing your WordPress site is easy and effective, keeping your data and content safe.