Difference Between HDD and SSD Hosting

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Confused between HDD and SSD Hosting to choose for your website? No Problem, today we will share some valuable information regarding HDD and SSD Hosting.

First, we will learn what is the basic difference between HDD and SSD.

HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive. It consists of platters which store the data and rotates over its axis. Hard Disk head reads and writes data on these spinning discs called platters. There are numerous layers of platters inside the HDD. Every read and writes operation involves the mechanical movement of platters and head and which is the main cause of little delay and make HDD slow comparatively to SSD.

Whereas, SSD stands for Solid State Drives. SSDs doesn’t have any mechanical moving parts and it works the same as memory cards and sticks. SSDs are basically made of microchips and has very fewer chances of failure as compared to HDD. Due to no mechanical parts read and write operations takes place at very high speed. SSDs are considered more durable than HDD.



  • Low-Cost Value – HDDs are available at a very low cost
  • High Capacity Available – One can easily get a lot of space in HDD (500GB to 10TB)


  • High Transfer Speeds – This will boost read and write operations
  • High Performance – One can perform many tasks in short period of time
  • High Reliability – SSD uses flash memory to store data, which provides better performance and reliability over an HDD.
  • High Mean time between failures (MTBF) – There is a distinction between endurance and reliability.



  • Less Durable – Because of mechanical parts there are high chances or disk failures and data corruption
  • Low Performance – Performance is low as compared to SSD


  • High-Cost Value – The price tag for SSDs are high as compared to HDDs because of high performance
  • Low Capacity Available – Due to high price tag low capacity SSDs are available (120GB to 1TB)

Which hosting to choose for your website/blog?

These days one always looks for the quality and performance of work. In this case, the purpose of both hosting is the same but what matters here is quality and performance. It is clear from the above information that SSDs provide very good performance which will itself boost the websites hosted on SSDs. Due to low I/O values of HDD, the abilities of a bigger CPU are bottlenecked. But one should be brave enough to spend some extra bucks for robust performance. But there are people who don’t want to spend extra bucks and need abundant Disk Space. Therefore they shouldn’t worry about performance differences with respect to SSD Hosting. There are people who cannot afford SSD Hosting because it’s not under their budget and their websites are/are having huge databases which occupy a lot of disk space.

We would like to suggest SSD Hosting for the users to have a smooth and lightning-fast experience with their work.

Last but not least, no hosting is bad or good. Both hostings prove to be good if chosen wisely. If you need more space in pennies or need fast performance by burning your pockets, this all depends on the requirements of the websites. Make your purpose sure before choosing the hosting.

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