Create Staging WordPress using Softaculous

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A staging website is a clone of your live website. It enables you to test any changes or new features that you plan to implement in a secure environment. Developers typically use staging sites to test changes and fix bugs before going to production. This guide will help to create Staging of WordPress using Softaculous WordPress installer.

Requirements to create staging of WordPress using Softaculous:

  • WordPress installed on a domain
  • Subdomain for staging website
    We are using as the base domain and as a Staging domain.

Procedure :

  1. Login to your cPanel account, search for WordPress. Open WordPress manager by Softaculous.

    cpanel search
  2. WordPress manager page will open.

    How to create Staging of website on wordpress
  3. Scroll down to find current installations. On the website which needs staging, click on the button marked in the image below.

  4. The staging creation page will open. Select your domain from the list.

    How to create Staging of website on cPanel
  5. Click on the Create Staging button. It will take a few moments to install and then the success screen will show up.

    Staging of website success
  6.  Congratulations now you know how to create a Staging of a website on cPanel. Now you can visit the stag website at your specified domain.

    staging of website on cPanel

Now you can add new features or add new material and test it on your staged website before implementing it on the main website.

How to Install WordPress in cPanel using Softaculous

How to Install WordPress in cPanel using Softaculous